Training and Development

Training and Development 2024-02-01T17:08:11+00:00

One of Real Promotions’ most astute skills is our ability to effectively train and develop people in the Sales and Marketing industry. We understand people, and have learned how to align personal values and goals to performance targets. Our internal training program builds the confidence of individuals to effectively sell themselves, as well as any product or service. Not only do we spend 3 hours a day individually grooming our staff though mentorship, but we also have daily feedback sessions to ensure each member of our team is growing at the rate that they want to.

Real Promotions also offers external training to cater for individuals as well as SMME’s. Many small business owners have great ideas, the passion to succeed and the basic set up to get their company’s growing. Unfortunately, they often fail as they do not know how to market or sell their products/services. We offer hands-on training to assist these business owners, to not only break even and manage their expenses, but to boost their sales drive to generate income and achieve realistic financial goals. Our mentorship initiative in this regard caters for long term coaching, to enable these companies to grow and contribute positively to the South African Economy.