Telkom In-field Brand Activations

What makes the Telkom team tick

Here at Real Promotions we love to hold the true meaning and value of what brand activations is truly about: bringing the essence of the brand to you, our customers. In turn this allows you to enjoy all that the brand has to offer. However, one cannot simply get to enjoy a brand without the right people with the skills and experience helping you get there.  That is exactly what our Telkom team is here for.

It all starts in The atmosphere.

  • “The atmosphere?” you ask with intrigue in your voice.
  • ‘…Yes, The atmosphere.’

This is where different training sessions take place. New additions to our Telkom team get taught about the organization, how and why we do what we do. Those who have been with us for longer also get training in line with developing their managerial skills. From then on, everyone heads out to the field for brand activations.

What is unique about the team’s style of activations Face to face illustrations as this builds trust with customers. Aspirations and Ambition is what drives our team and adding a great attitude to the mix is what adds to their success.  Whilst everyone on the team has individual goals, they all share on common goal: provide the best experience and value in everything they do.

So, when you see our Telkom team at your door step, expect nothing but the best value for your time because you are exactly who they are looking for and they are the team you want to invest in.

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