Advantages of choosing a career in sales.

This career helps to develop your skills for other career opportunitiesThe most important skill that you learn in sales is how to influence people and the ability to get along with other people. A career in sales can open other doors into other industries, unlike some careers that can make you feel pigeonholed. Earning potential [...]

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The Power in Taking Active Intentional Action

As one of the best sales and marketing company we pride ourselves in our strong work ethic. One whose principals are of hard work, transparency and positive energy. We understand that hard work is what will take you places and you can’t go places without intentional action. This is done with the aim and clear [...]

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Think like a customer

“Think like a customer”- Paul Gillin Many sales people tend to lead with their product and what it can do. The phrase “Put yourself in the mind of a customer” applies to almost all things in life, and not just service delivery. It’s something that all service providers have been taught or heard of at [...]

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Successful Promoters

Characteristics of a successful promoter or sales rep From the title of this article, we bet you already have an idea of the conversation we are about to have. And yes, you might be sitting there reading this thinking; ‘Aarrgg, another one of these, this is obvious stuff and we’ve heard it all before’ and [...]

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Real Promotions: Let us take you on a Real Journey

Taking the time to celebrate one’s accomplishments, no matter how big or small they may seem is always rewarding. We have achieved several milestones and today we take the time to acknowledge them in celebration. Since we are here, and you are here take this moment and join us in revisiting some of our proudest [...]

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Setting Your Organisations Core Values As A Leader

Many might argue that leadership can be taught, and some might say it cannot. Majority of the ideas of leadership have been built around hierarchy; where those with authority issue their orders and the ‘minions’ carry them out as instructed. Fact is, leaders are made. There is no such thing as genetic makeup for leadership. [...]

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Ways To Boost Employee Relationships

Each organisation has teams and each team forms part of a larger team – the organisation. In each of these teams are individuals coming from different educational, cultural and societal backgrounds, have a set of ideas/ pre-set notions on various things including what it means to be a part of an organisation. The mistake that [...]

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Real Promotions Call Centre: Key To Success

Call centres are all about converting leads into sales whilst providing customers with knowledge in a quick and efficient way. When running a call centre, you need knowledgeable people on your team to perform the necessary tasks. Bearing in mind that a lot of work takes place behind the scenes. What makes a good call [...]

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The Importance of Social Media in Business

Entrepreneurs and business owners, young and old, are all taking their presence online every day more and more serious. Every other investor or entrepreneur that you will meet at a seminar or conference hands over his business card, which details that very person’s social media handles. Whether it be Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn, neither [...]

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