Ways To Boost Employee Relationships

Each organisation has teams and each team forms part of a larger team – the organisation. In each of these teams are individuals coming from different educational, cultural and societal backgrounds, have a set of ideas/ pre-set notions on various things including what it means to be a part of an organisation.

The mistake that employers could make is that people would only want to work for you for the salary. Some employers might believe that the more money you offer the more people want to keep working for you. Don’t get us wrong that idea is true for many, but it means absolutely nothing if employee happiness/ satisfaction is not in the picture. We live in a generation that is more invested in finding and building meaningful relationships, not only in organisations they are a part of but in every bit of interaction they engage in. More people care about having fun at work and feeling valued within their organisation for the work they put out.  Furthermore, opportunities for employees to build relationships that are based on team work rather than just competition are extremely valuable for the organisation as a whole.

What would we suggest?

Take your team for fun outdoor team building activities. Team building is a process that organisations adopt to improve the efficiency of its team through encouraging employees to get to know and understand each other better. Through that, trust amongst employees is built.

Our Real promotions team often engage in team building activities, like the Gajiga run hosted at the Joburg zoo and S.W.A.T Lase tag. The experience is simply invaluable.  New friendships are formed, and old ones become stronger amongst your employees. Closer employee relationships mean greater synergy throughout the organization. Furthermore, this will encourage team members to combine their diverse strengths and to work together to maximise their chances of success.

Steve Jobs once said “Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people”.

More benefits for team building activities include:

  • Boost in leaderships skills
  • Encourages more creative and think outside the proverbial box thinking,
  • Helps you and the team identify their strengths and weaknesses.

In the process people get to help one another to overcome those weaknesses and build up on the strengths. Employees get to tap into their hidden potentials, individually and collectively. As mentioned before, team building helps employees to learn, get creative, grow and let loose outside of the office environment.

Through these activities team members will discover that their similarities and differences, along with effective communication and cooperation are their greatest assets. Throwing in an incentive in the mix is not a bad idea because it still brings in the element of working towards a common goal.  We can’t stress this enough, but we’ll say it again: there is immense value in this for you and your team. You honestly cannot go wrong with a team that well equipped.


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