Setting Your Organisations Core Values As A Leader

Many might argue that leadership can be taught, and some might say it cannot. Majority of the ideas of leadership have been built around hierarchy; where those with authority issue their orders and the ‘minions’ carry them out as instructed. Fact is, leaders are made.

There is no such thing as genetic makeup for leadership. Leadership on any scale cannot be achieved without a great deal of determination and passion. Furthermore, the values you carry as a leader are an important element for the growth of your organisation. If focused correctly, these exact values could prove highly beneficial for your employees as well.

According to Robert Green aka Rob, Head of Real promotions; “Making a ton of decisions daily is one of the tasks that come with being a leader of an organisation. Each decision is as big as the next because they amount to the success of what the organisation is trying to achieve”.  This is where the importance of values come in, more specifically, set core values that are unique for your organisation.

Think of an organisation that just picks its values out of thin air…that is a recipe for failure. The organisation will most likely find itself without a sense of direction because its core values are incoherent. An organisation’s core values are what sets it apart from the competition.

The core values that Real Promotions live by are tightly linked to the leaders’ core values. Ken Blanchard said it: “The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority.”

Anyone can take on the role of authority however, does not mean you are a leader or a great one at that. Leaders do not sacrifice their employees to benefit themselves, rather they sacrifice themselves for the greater good of their employees. When you link your values with that of your organisations you set the tone for the overall culture. Like everything else in life, that on it’s on own does not come cheap.


Here at Real promotions we like to have fun. A lot of work takes place behind the scenes in terms of consciously choosing the kind of leader you want to be and achieving it. According to Rob, “as people we are always growing, evolving and always changing. From time to time, as a leader you are faced with the challenge of letting go of who you are for who you are going to become” be it as a leader or not. He also believes that “great leaders take the time to build good solid personal relationships with everyone around them”.


Rob expresses that, “when you are having fun with what you are doing it means you are aligned with your core values, if you feel forced in your tasks then you are not in alignment with the company values.” Teaching people to understand what their core values are, what makes them tick and how to tie that in with the organisation’s core values is a great tool to have as a leader. In addition to maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle, “consistently developing leadership skills and researching other great leaders is how I ensure my continuous growth as an individual and a leader. Through linking my personal growth with the organisation, it ties with our vision to be one of the biggest marketing companies in the industry”.


Lead by inspiration and share your vision and values with those around you to encourage the same in them as this will help your organisational vision and leadership to grow.

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