The recent load-shedding schedules have touched the lives of all South Africans, with nationwide rolling blackouts continuing to inhibit successful business operations as well as affecting households.”This does not bode well for many local companies incredibly dependent on PCs and other electrical office equipment or an even individual whose PC and other electrical appliances, such as fridges, DVD players and decoders, can be detrimentally affected by power blackouts and brownouts,” explains Rodney Callaghan, MD: Southern Africa, critical power and cooling services division of Schneider Electric.

“In addition, load shedding causes inconvenience to business and household, and a major consumer frustrations and money!

In order to assist SA businesses and individuals to minimize any damage caused by load-shedding, M2R Energy has this top life time load shedding solutions.

Picture on the left- A 14kva diesel generator, it gives you about 12.5 kilowatt which is more than enough to run all your household appliances, it runs on diesel and very silent.between sound power level guaranteed between 62dB and 97dB, acoustic pressure level at 1 meters 81dB.


Entire group guaranteed 3 years KOHLER air-cooled industrial engine Very Silent Connection interface equipped with an hour meter Hydrocarbons bulk tank


Picture on the right -A Three phase Gas generator it runs on LPG gas. The noise level is half compared to the diesel engine. of all fuels,natural gas and LPG are those, which least Emit nitrogenoxides, so emissions of carbon monoxide and particles are limited. You have an option to use either liquid propane gas or natural gas.

  • 14kva-230v/14va-400v
  • LPG: 15KW-230V/15KVA-400V

You could also look at using UPS in conjunction –   This device provides device battery backup when the electrical power fails or drops to an unacceptable voltage level. This systems provide power from 4 to 6 Hours ; enough to power down the computer, lights , fright , electrical gate motor, cameras, DVD, TV and Telephone in an orderly manner.

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