Even in brand activation, we tell stories…

 1. Identify your Uniqueness Observe your brand in your marketing communications, website and social media channels and how you compare to your competitors. 2. Measure the Performance of Your Content Analyzing your content will help you understand what content is helping your business generate leads, what content you should change, what content you should be [...]

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There are strategic ways to integrate your facilities and talent to match with B2B and B2C clients. According to the recent Netfix and mybroadband stats the average usage on ADSL and VDSL products has increased strongly in South Africa “Over the last year alone the average usage on ADSL has increased by at least 13%, [...]

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Supporting charity

As progressive marketing and sales organizations, giving back to our communities makes us feel good, causes us to be more socially aware, and helps us bond with our community  and help those in need. It is important to many A-list candidates to be employed by a company that gives to charity for these very reasons. [...]

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How effective are door to door sales?

This might be one of the most overlooked startup marketing techniques out there. It actually can work for digital, subscription( insurance), and physical products. Simply, go door to door and introduce yourself as the founder, creator, sales representative or “insert creative name here” of your company. It's a technique that more and more companies are surprisingly turning [...]

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The recent load-shedding schedules have touched the lives of all South Africans, with nationwide rolling blackouts continuing to inhibit successful business operations as well as affecting households."This does not bode well for many local companies incredibly dependent on PCs and other electrical office equipment or an even individual whose PC and other electrical appliances, such [...]

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